Project management

We will accompany you throughout the entire project for the implementation of your cloud based P2P solution. This includes:

Analysis & Process evaluation

Every project starts with the analysis of the status quo

Definition of goals

We will help you to define SMART goals

Technical implementation

The customer’s requirements will be implemented and the application will be configured accordingly


Future users will receive practical training


Continuous testing ensures that the go-live of your cloud solution will be as smooth as possible


At the end of each project customers will be given useful and understandable documentation

Besides being able to manage your entire implementation project we also offer project support in case you need specific help with you implementation project.

Increased efficiency

Process optimisation

In the course of the project will will analyse your workflows and redesign or adjust these if necessary. The aim is to make sure that all processes are robust and suitable for digitalisation. Additionally we will optimise data flows to reduce throughput time.

The overall goal is to minimise workload and increase quality at the same time.


Modern cloud based solutions offer the possibility to automate repetitive tasks. Automating simple tasks will allow freeing up your employees time for more complex processes. Customers can expect less errors for automated tasks and a much higher level of compliance because employees will not bypass processes anymore.

How we implement your requirements

Customisation & configuration

Paege Solutions offers cloud based P2P solutions. We work closely with our partners to implement a solution that meets your requirements as efficiently as possible. We deliver fully customised and configured solutions. Modular cloud solutions offer the possibility to only implement those process our customers want to digitalise. It is up to you if you want the P2P process implemented in its entirety or just partially. Whatever your requirements are, we will make sure to deliver a solution that helps you reach your goals


The successful implementation is only the first step. Customers need to enable their staff to effortlessly use the new cloud based solution. Paege Solutions will take care of this. We will train your system administrators to being able not only to use your new solution but also administer and maintain it. Your system administrators will then be able to train your staff. However, we also offer training for individual users according to their future role. This is a vital step in creating the buy-in that is necessary for your users to fully adopt the new P2P solution and avoid any bypasses.

We support you

The digitalisation of business process is no end in itself. There are numerous advantages to implementing modern cloud based software solutions to digitalise business processes. The main advantages are therefore:
  • reduction in costs
  • increased compliance
  • increased efficiency
  • increased user satisfaction
  • enhanced supplier relationships
Reaching these goals does more than just increasing your company’s competitiveness. You are future-proofing your business and make the preparations needed to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.    


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